We provide the strategy and content to help businesses stay active in an ever-changing social media landscape.

Milford Regional

Keeping on the pulse of local philanthropy.

An active online presence is key for nonprofit organizations. Milford Regional Medical Center’s mission was to engage with the local community to raise funds and awareness. With our hands-on approach, we facilitate every step of the planning-to-posting process.

We take the opportunity to learn about clients’ businesses and their social media goals in order to craft monthly plans to reach targeted audiences effectively. Working with you to identify key areas of interest, we recommend a variety of posts that convey the full breadth of what makes your business unique.

We curate a calendar of updates in advance to automate the process of posting, while keeping an ear to the ground if a timely posting opportunity presents itself. In order to introduce audiences to updates that are relevant to their interests, we recommend posts that are optimized for the greatest impact on each platform. Furthermore, we’ll recommend strategies that enable new audiences to find your posts and hear your story.

Mega Aid »

Mega Aid is a compounding pharmacy with multiple locations in Brooklyn, NY. In response to its rapid growth, Mega Aid entrusted us to expand the company’s social media presence. Through these efforts, Mega Aid enticed applicants for job opportunities at the company. Our efforts also served to educate the public and professionals alike about the pharmacy’s service offerings. See full project

Red Dot Merch Co.

Red Dot Merch Co, Delin Design’s sister company, is an online store with merch for the modern lifestyle. In order to stand out in a saturated market, we developed a unique attitude and voice for the brand on social media, with a focus on eye-catching calls-to-action and clear, concise language.