We translate your brand to store-shelf standout.


Turbonomic Steak Pad

With a clever concept and careful planning, the most mundane objects can be transformed into unique brand elements with staying power. For example, when a pad of paper is printed to resemble a fresh steak, packaged in a supermarket tray and wrapped in plastic, it becomes something extraordinary that gives recipients pause.

We often assist clients with unique design solutions that promote their brands and products. Understanding how to engage a consumer to take a second look at a product on the shelf or in the mail and is key to a successful sales launch.

When we show design solutions to clients, we consider all aspects of packaging requirements: structure, size, imagery, typography, hierarchy of information and production costs. We then incorporate client input and work with a structural packaging firm to execute prototypes. We manage the entire process, working closely with package engineers and print production to meet deadlines and provide a successful launch.

Veristor »

In today’s competitive market, B2B companies must stand out to gain traction. Veristor is an enterprise infrastructure & network services solutions company based in Duluth, GA. They wanted to create unique direct-mail items to AB Test and send to prospective clients who have shown interest in Veristor’s solutions, but who have not yet committed to doing business with Veristor. See full project

Dell Hawk

For lifestyle products, packaging is often the first interaction consumers have with your brand. Dell Hawk specializes in premium men’s grooming products. Inspired by the lush fruit and citrus orchards of Southern California, these products allow you to touch and smell the luxury of natural ingredients. With a fresh wordmark and visual language, we honed in on this story throughout Dell Hawk’s product line.