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SevOne Sales Kickoff

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To reach goals for the fiscal year, start early with an inspired sales staff

Every year, SevOne needs a variety of collateral for their internal sales kickoff—an internal professional development event for the company’s sales team. 2018’s event theme centered on Formula 1 racing, and we translated this sales metaphor to SevOne’s established brand.

From wayfinding banners, to brochures, to large-scale signage, to immersive tradeshow booth graphics and everything in between, we integrate creative vision into the entire experience someone has when attending an event.

Whether you’re promoting your brand at an industry convention or want a unique visual identity for a fundraising event, we apply creative thinking to every step of the event experience. Through engaging collateral and conceptual design, we make you stand out.

Kaminario »

To better position themselves in a crowded market, Kaminario has needed a number of creative campaigns over the years to bolster their image and generate interest in the company’s offerings. These campaigns have extended from digital marketing to print and tradeshow pieces requiring eye-catching creative and cohesive design systems. See full project

ODC Cannes Pavilion

Oracle Data Cloud hosts several events throughout the year. To keep the experience stimulating for attendees, we work with the company’s marketers to develop unique themes for each event that fall within brand guidelines, but that are also clearly distinct from day-to-day communications.