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Aeris IoT Campaign

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Building a connected world starts with a unified vision.

2018. To coincide with a complete redesign of the book for print and web, Aeris reached out to us to develop a range of assets to promote the book’s release. With outside-the-box thinking, we help our clients to develop highly successful campaigns.

We seek to provide a reward to the viewer for stopping to look, read and react to any client campaign engagement—for us, it’s mandatory to make an ad memorable. Doing so, creates staying power and builds mindshare for any brand as prospects engage with your product or service.

By making every ad you place unforgettable, you increase your chances of being the brand your prospects think of first.

DataRobot ViewMaster »

For high-level executives to take note of your communications, strategic thinking is essential. DataRobot, a global AI pioneer, leveraged our unique skillset to create a series of direct-mail Viewmasters using messaging targeted at risk management banking executives. Using this classic, iconic toy as a marketing vehicle, recipients could not help but view the short copy content that was directed to them. See full project
Mastering Virtual Selling – Book Cover Project

Mastering Virtual Selling Book Design & Promotion »

As the world suddenly changed in 2020, so did the nature of how business is conducted. We were approached by thought-leaders in the industry to help brand an informative new book on mastering the art of virtual selling. See full project