Brand Identity

Adding a little polish to help an established brand shine anew.

The Opportunity

sensL is a technology company specializing in products for low light sensing applications. This technology is used in a variety of markets including the automotive industry for 3D ranging and sensing, as well as medical imaging and hazard and threat detection. The company was in need of a brand update, in an effort to bring some new life into their established identity. This required updating brand elements including imagery, collateral such as business cards and PowerPoint decks, a tradeshow booth and select pages of the website.

Our Approach

We chose to draw a visual comparison between the small size of the sensors and the big possibilities it enables. This helped to create a connection between the product and powerful applications within any given industry. An updated and more vibrant color palette added a dynamic and luminescent quality to the brand imagery. We then translated this approach to the website, which featured bold imagery and UI elements that helped to reveal the possibilities their products are capable of. These changes to the established website theme helped to add a more customized aesthetic and to break the mold of their traditional page layouts.


With our modifications, the reinvigorated sensL brand allows the company to promote new marketing efforts with confidence. The impact of their product can now be demonstrated by having an application-focused website and imagery, which serves the narrative that sensL’s technology helps bring sensing to light.

Branding sensL Sense Light Website Interior Page
Branding sensL Sense Light Presentation Tablet
Branding sensL Sense Light Website Tradeshow
Branding sensL Sense Light Business Cards
Branding sensL Sense Light Document Design