Phase Genomics

2018 Website Design

A successful user experience should be part of a good website's DNA.

The Opportunity

Phase Genomics provides sample kits to biologists for genomic testing and mapping. The field of genomics is growing quickly, with startups creating new competition for established players. Phase Genomics’ old website was highly technical and difficult to navigate, focusing more on information than on the user. They needed a more visual solution that divided information into smaller, more digestible chunks, with clear calls to action and entry points to their online store.

Our Approach

Using photographic images coupled with hexagonal shapes reminiscent of molecular diagrams, we extended the versatility of Phase Genomics’ brand expression. We established an illustration style for informational pages and strong typographic hierarchy throughout the site. The use of closeup photography is as much a reference to the microscopic nature of genomics as it is to the plants and animals being studied. We designed and implemented a shopping cart with an efficient, transparent checkout process. The shopping cart is minimal and intuitive, optimized for both desktop and mobile sizes.


The new website is functional as well as eye-catching, keeping a new visitor engaged from the moment they land on the homepage. The site is intuitive, making it easy for customers to find the resources they need. It has a clear focus on accessibility, with a straightforward process of finding information and purchasing products. With a fresh look and feel, Phase Genomics’ website reflects the company’s position in the market and allows them to better express themselves in order to stand out from the crowd.

Phase Genomics Website Design – Homepage on Desktop Monitor in Biology Lab
Phase Genomics Website Design – Illustration Style Example on Tablet Screen
Phase Genomics Website Design – Blog Page on Mobile Phone Screen
Phase Genomics Website Design – Composite Image of the Site on Three Different Devices
Phase Genomics Website Design – Shopping Cart on a Tablet

Phase Genomics is at the forefront of genetic research, and their new site will carry them forward for years to come. See it at