Iron Bridge Property Solutions

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Building the bridge between concept and creation.

The Opportunity

Iron Bridge Property Solutions, a real-estate group located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was in need of a new logo to establish their business as an integral player in The Steel City. Their identity needed to portray the qualities of the area they serve, as well as their business’ dependability and credentials.

Our Approach

As with all logo projects, we take the time to truly understand the client’s business and what their aspirations are. This involves developing a baseline for where they are now, where they would like to go, and how they compare with competitors in their market. We use this knowledge to develop a number of options that focus on specific aspects of their businesses’ value, the various ways these can be articulated, and how they can stand apart from the competition. By showing options ranging from “safe” to something a bit more abstract, we are able to not only show the client what they asked for, but also what we feel they need.


The completed logo is not only evocative of their city and style, but also the strength and expertise of their company. It delivers a strong first impression for those looking to do business with the group, and affirms that Iron Bridge is a name you can depend on. Through our efforts and collaboration with the team at Iron Bridge, Delin Design was able to bridge the gap for a company searching for an identity and delivering a successful brand.

IronBridge Property Solutions – Final Logo Design

Final Logo

IronBridge Property Solutions Color Palette

Color Palette

"I have known Delin Design for many years and every time I've worked the team, the experience has been exceptional. Most recently I started a new real estate business and needed a logo designed. The Delin team was very thorough with their questions in figuring out what I was looking for.

"The ideas they sent me were excellent, and after a few simple modifications to the colors, I had exactly what I wanted. I would recommend Delin Design to anyone looking for a great organization to help with marketing & branding needs."

—Randy Uram, CEO of Iron Bridge

IronBridge Property Solutions – Detailed Iconographic Logo Concept

Concept: Detailed Iconography

IronBridge Property Solutions – Abstract Angular Logo Concept

Concept: Abstract Iconography

IronBridge Property Solutions – Typographic Logo Concepts

Concept: Typographic Iconography