Blue Cedar

Website Design

The Opportunity

Blue Cedar’s innovative technology makes it possible for companies to protect, manage and share personal, often confidential information from within secured apps. The company connected with Delin Design to revitalize their corporate image. The first priority: create a brand-new website within the HubSpot CMS that would show how this technology is providing real-life solutions to critical business issues in multiple industries.

Our Approach

Our intent was to highlight the simplicity of what the product promises: To secure information on the app-level as opposed to protecting all of the contents of a device. We focused on the seemingly “invisible” nature of their injected security by visually portraying the technology within the blueprint of apps. This was done through the use of comparison images that show how the security technology injects itself right within the app. Step-by-step scrolling graphic builds help tell the story of how that injection process works.


Delin Design’s easy-to-follow, concise, “how-it-works style” website approach visually clarifies the difference between the old way of locking down devices and Blue Cedar’s proven, app-centric security model. By showing a variety of real-life business challenges and solutions, the site makes this technology more relatable. Targeted individuals in any industry can understand how Blue Cedar can solve even the most sensitive information security issues.

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