Delin Design is rooted in taking the time to understand clients’ needs — an essential step for successful branding

We view our relationships as partnerships. We see ourselves as extensions of client-partners’ marketing teams.

We can help you build a fresh and memorable brand, or refresh your current identity, all while making the most of your resources and time.

Delin Design is a uniquely focused firm: we bring together smart, talented individuals to create the perfect blending of experiences, creativity, energy and vision. We want what’s right for clients, and we have fun getting there. Since 1996, we’ve achieved especially outstanding results for our technology, healthcare and retail clientele. Our firm has broad experience in marketing and design, and has worked extensively in advertising and brand development throughout New England as well as the East and West Coasts.

Our team.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith


Levi Perkins

Levi Perkins

Art Director

Autumn Rose Lester

Autumn Rose Lester

Graphic Designer

Steven Lee

Steven Lee

Cross-Media Designer

Jake Janson

Jake Janson

Web Developer

Dylan Kelly

Dylan Kelly

Designer / Animator

Our guiding principles

It’s all about the connection.

We make it our business to get on the same page with our clients. We strive to know their values and their target markets.

The sky’s the limit.

We are not afraid to push the envelope. We’ll give our clients what they ask for and then ask them to consider the “something extra” customers deserve.

Consistency is key.

When well-crafted marketing messages are repeated with consistency across platforms, clients optimize budgets, large or small.

Getting there is half the fun.

We live, eat and breathe the creative process. That’s because we truly enjoy watching the process unfold. And we do our best to make sure our clients enjoy the ride, too!

Details, details, details.

What’s the right font? Is this the correct color? Is that really the best word choice? Nuances like these make a difference. Clients count on us to fully explore all these choices.

Kind words from great clients

  • We were working on a tight timeline, and asked the Delin team to go from concept to live website in a couple of months. The team took our cues and ran with the complete design process, was incredibly quick to react to feedback and iterate with us, and completed their work ahead of schedule. We’re thrilled with the result, and the way that Delin was able to capture the essence of our company, products, brand and people in an impactful way.

    Andrew Pucher
    CEO, Dascena

  • We got to know the Delin Design team over a number of years. Their team was thorough, structured, and collaborative throughout the entire process. They got to know our company, our customers, and our unique position in the industry, and the resulting wireframes and storyboards were incredible assets for us bringing the site to life.

    Ricky Ashenfelter
    CEO & Co-Founder, Spoiler Alert

  • What a terrific experience working with Delin Design has been. I was so impressed with their extraordinary creativity and attention to detail in absolutely every piece of event material. Most importantly, these are a wonderful and highly professional group of people to work with.

    Paula Most
    Arts Coordinator, Lifespan Hospitals

  • We have been very pleased with the exceptional service and creativity in design provided by the Delin team. The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are complex, but we have seen them take our vision and accurately portray that into project designs that are very effective and engaging within our industry.

    Eric Haman
    Director, Global Corporate Communications, West Pharmaceutical Services

  • Delin Design was a critical component in helping us revitalize our website and branding. Their efforts breathed new life into our brand and allowed us to promote ourselves in a way that stands out from the competition in the genomic research market. In addition to the quality work, they also provided expert detail and care every step of the way.

    Ivan Liachko
    Founder & CEO, Phase Genomics

  • We are absolutely thrilled with the brand and site redesign thatDelin Design did for us. They truly listened to understand our objectives and creative vision, and they produced something better than we could have ever imagined.

    Allison Nolan
    VP Marketing, ProdPerfect

  • We engaged Delin Design as creative consultants for the launch of our newest platform, and their input on our branding and design proved to be invaluable. Nothing beats an objective view, and Delin’s experience, knowledge, and support were second to none.

    Christine Parent
    Associate VP, Meditech

  • Thank you all so much! I've never worked with a team that's as thoughtful, well-organized, clear communicating and TALENTED as you are. We are ever grateful and look forward to the next project.

    Lisabeth Sewell
    CEO, Sparkle Stories

  • Delin Design is everything you want in an agency partner. Working with Delin on our healthcare accounts, the team demonstrates its keen ability to create informative and engaging branding, content and websites that speak to all stakeholders from patients to physicians to administrators to regulatory to investors.

    Helen Shik
    Founder & Principal, Shik Communications LLC

  • Delin Design was an excellent partner throughout our website redevelopment. Their team’s creativity, timeliness and collaboration ensured our new website embodied Form’s mission and effectively communicated our technology under some tight time constraints.

    Rachel Smedley
    Business Operations Lead, Form Energy

  • Delin executed beautifully, both from a creative and technical perspective, and delivered the new site in record time. The genomics space is extremely dynamic. Having a website that is sophisticated, yet easy to update as discoveries happen, is invaluable.

    Maryke Appel
    Founder & President, EXO Consulting LLC

  • The Delin Design team is truly first-class. Their business insights, creative excellence, in-depth technical knowledge, and genuine camaraderie were essential in the creation of our brand, packaging and online store. Everything went smoothly from start to finish.

    Therese Adlhoch Smith
    President and Founder, Dell Hawk

  • Their generosity and hustle at the margins of the project really surprised me. Business is hard enough without mopping up after irresponsible providers. Working with Delin, I felt for once that I had reliable partners in my corner making problems go away. I can't adequately emphasize how much that peace of mind was worth to me.

    Raman Shah
    Data Scientist, Raman Shah Data Science

  • Delin Design’s team was fair, responsive and talented. They exceeded expectations, accommodated our many requests, and the finish product speaks for itself. As the company founder, I found it extraordinarily meaningful to see 20 years of effort displayed in such a artful form. Delin Design couldn’t come more highly recommended.

    Robert MacCormack
    Founder, Avid Engineers

  • Marketing is ever-evolving in real estate. When seeking out a company to build a dynamic yet simplified enough website to use on the front and back ends, Delin Design was hands down the best solution. They delivered a very fresh product which was ultra-responsive, on time, reasonably priced and their training and constant support were second to none!

    Emilio DiSpirito IV
    Team Leader, DiSpirito Real Estate Team