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  • A brand that focuses on what you can’t see.

    The Opportunity

    Seattle-based technology start-up Tignis was in need of a creative brand expression that would embody their efforts as comprehensive data management and support solution. Since the company works with customers in a variety of industries, the brand needed to be flexible enough to show the advantages their technology provides to various types of companies. Tignis entrusted Delin Design to develop a brand identity, website and assets for presentation in order to become a more notable player in their space.

    Our Approach

    We chose to focus on how Tignis’ technology seamlessly integrates within their customer’s data systems. The negative space in the logo is evocative of the “hidden” nature of their service, as well as the data landscape that exists all around us. Flowing topology graphics were incorporated within industry-focused brand imagery in order to portray how Tignis is able to monitor and support its customers. The website was designed to tell the brand story primarily through this imagery, while building the case for their service with more technical applications. The presentation and printed collateral feature clean and purposeful layouts, supporting the concept that Tignis provides access to the right information quickly and efficiently.


    Tignis now has a captivating story to not only tell its potentially customers and investors, but to visually express in order to demonstrate the benefits of their technology. With the right tools to market themselves effectively, Tignis is primed to make the leap from start up to proactive player in an ever changing data landscape.

    Branding Tignis Logo On White
    Branding Tignis Logo Knockout
    Branding Tignis Palette Main
    Branding Tignis Palette
    Branding Tignis Palette and Typography Styles
    Branding Tignis Website Homepage Banner Desktop
    Branding Tignis Business Card
    Branding Tignis Presentation Template Cover Page
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    Branding Tignis Website Interior Page