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    The Opportunity

    Kaminario is an innovative leader in flash storage arrays and services, and has earned top marks in Gartner for their technology’s performance and capabilities. To better position themselves in a crowded storage space, they have needed a number of creative campaigns over the years to bolster their image and generate interest in the company’s offerings. These campaigns have extended from digital marketing to print and tradeshow pieces requiring eye-catching creative and cohesive design systems.

    Our Approach

    Upon learning of the requirements of each project, our team would assemble a number of options that capitalize on different aspects of what Kaminario was looking to express. These options would explore a variety of approaches such as the use of photography vs. illustration, messaging and voice, and humor vs. a more serious tone. After identifying our targeted themes we expressed them through a variety of mediums such as digital advertisements, landing pages and exhibit graphics to showcase the work in the proper context. This process enabled Kaminario to narrow down how each campaign could be represented and helped to guide them to the solution that was right for them.


    Kaminario has utilized our creative services to properly promote themselves in all applicable mediums. Working with our diverse team has enabled Kaminario to make the most of each customer interaction with their brand, as well as leverage the capabilities of HubSpot marketing automation tools. Thanks to Delin Design’s creative services Kaminario has had the right material to make a statement and assert their presence as a leader in their field.

    Kaminario: Creative Campaigns Superhero Process

    Datacenter Superpowers Concepts

    Kaminario: Creative Campaigns Superhero Landing Page

    Datacenter Superpowers Final Art

    Kaminario: Creative Campaigns Superhero VMworld Booth

    Datacenter Superpowers Booth

    Pied Piper Campaign Concepts

    "Needless to say, we were very excited to be given the opportunity to create a Silicon Valley themed ad campaign. Paying homage to all of the memorable moments and characters from the show made for some great creative."

    Kaminario: Creative Campaigns Pied Piper Campaign

    Pied Piper Campaign Final Art

    Kaminario: Creative Campaigns Seasonal Datacenter Campaign

    Seasonally-themed Email and Landing Page Banners